Personal History

Paul grew up in St. Louis, Missouri in a family that was strongly Catholic and he also became very involved in the Catholic Church and various ministries.  While studying engineering at the University of Missouri, he met other Christians who truly lived their love for Jesus as he had never experienced.  Through these friends he eventually came to understand what the Bible says to be born again, and as he received Jesus into his life, the Bible came alive and he knew that his eternal life depended only on Jesus’ finished work on the cross, not on his good works or efforts to practice any religion.

Janice was born into a Japanese American family and she came to know Jesus shortly after high school while living with her sister in Chicago.  Janice’s sister introduced her to Jesus after she saw the love of the believers during a small group Bible study in their apartment.  She later understood the importance of having Jesus as not only her Savior but also her Lord.  She attended Columbia International University where she grew in the faith and knowledge of God and His Word.  Later she studied Journalism at the University of Missouri where she met Paul.

After finishing university, Paul and Janice both decided to remain in Columbia, Missouri so they could continue with the Great Commission church through which they were growing spiritually.  They were married a few years after finishing university in 1981.  They had two daughters while living in Columbia, Erin Tamiko (1983) and Kristen Mariko (1986).

In 1989 the Meiburger family helped Jack Stockdale and others start a new church in St. Peters, Missouri, currently named LifeSpring Community Church.  While serving the Lord in St. Peters, God encouraged Paul to pursue international ministry, primarily with a desire to help Muslim immigrants in Europe understand the saving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Paul and Janice moved to Torino, Italy in 2000 with their two teenage daughters.  They are continuing to serve in the Il Rifugio church in Torino, discipling young believers and raising up the next generation of European leaders within the church.

Paul and Janice in Lanzo for SKYPE